Perth's Favourite Retaining Wall Specialist Since 1975!

Perth's Favourite Since 1975

Owned and operated by father and son team Kim and Leon McMahon, Twinside Retaining is a reputable Perth business with a history dating back to 1975. We manufacture, supply and install exceptional quality, pre-engineered systems of concrete panels and galvanised steel posts that, together, are used to construct sturdy, enduring and attractive retaining walls.

With a variety of colours, textures and finishes to select from, our precast concrete walling and fencing systems deliver unparalleled strength, value and ease of installation. Used widely throughout WA by builders, commercial fencing contractors and home DIYers alike, our products have been meticulously developed over time and rely on thicker than industry specified steel reinforcing as well as special chemical additives and a fully automated batching plant to consistently produce the highest quality standards.

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Retaining Walls Manufacture and Installation

The experienced experts at Twinside Retaining supply high quality, pre-engineered concrete and limestone-look retaining wall panels which are easily installed together with our system of galvanised steel posts. Having worked in in the industry all our adult lives, we understand our clients’ requirements onsite and, unlike our competitors, deliver our products using a bobcat to deposit them in the precise location they are required, as opposed to simply delivering them kerbside which then necessitates having to relocate them into position.

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Retaining Walls Maintenance and Repairs

In addition to the supply and installation of new retaining wall solutions, Twinside Retaining provides complete repair, restoration and maintenance services relating to existing concrete and limestone-look retaining walls. Whether relating to impact damage, concrete cancer or general deterioration, our experienced professionals will efficiently diagnose the cause of the problem and recommend the most cost-effective solution.

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Asbestos Removal

Asbestos can be present in a wide variety of building materials including many types of roof, wall and fence panelling as well as pipes, cladding and insulation. Improper handling of this material can not only present a significant risk to people and pets but is also illegal. If you’re unsure whether Asbestos is present at your residential or commercial property, it’s sensible to have some tests conducted by an accredited Asbestos professional before commencing any demolition work.

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Site Preparation

To ensure the highest quality results when installing your new retaining wall or fence, it’s important to ensure the site is properly prepared. With over 50 years’ combined experience installing retaining walls across a diverse range of Perth properties, Twinside Retaining can carefully assess your site and ensure all the appropriate preparations are carried out prior to installation. With our own fleet of trucks, bobcats and excavators, we can manage everything from removal of old walling products through to compaction, backfilling and laser levelling, as required.

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Colourbond Fencing

In addition to the manufacture and installation of pre-cast concrete retaining wall products, Twinside Retaining can manage the supply and installation of a wide range of Colourbond, aluminium slat and timber lap fences and gates throughout Perth. We rely only on genuine Colorbond steel fencing which is manufactured in Australia by Bluescope Steel. This product comes in a wide range of colours and presents a cost-effective way of creating an aesthetically appealing, sturdy and enduring fence across a diverse range of residential and commercial sites.

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Established Since 1975

Twinside Retaining has a proud history dating back to 1975. Since our inception, we’ve built a solid reputation for manufacturing and installing innovative, high performance retaining wall products designed to save our clients across Perth and throughout WA time and money. A proud, Perth born and bred company, we rely on a trusted network of quality local suppliers to ensure the concrete and limestone-look retaining wall products we produce deliver unparalleled standards of strength, durability and aesthetic appeal.

Industry-Leading Quality Standards

Twinside Retaining relies on scientifically developed formulations and the latest manufacturing techniques to ensure we produce the highest quality pre-cast concrete retaining wall products. Utilising steel moulds, rather than plastic or fibreglass, we are able to deliver squarer and more consistent products, even over large batches. And with thicker than industry standard steel reinforcing as well as a fully computerised batching plant, all our products are precision engineered for maximum strength and longevity.

Wide Range of Options

Twinside Retaining manufactures, supplies and installs a wide variety of pre-cast concrete and limestone-look retaining wall products suitable for a diverse range of residential and commercial applications. With an extensive choice of off-the-shelf colours, textures and finishes, our products are designed to seamlessly complement all manner of external environments and can be delivered to site in as little as 24 hours. We also work closely with clients, as required, to design, manufacture and install fully customised retaining wall and fencing solutions.

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Service, Service, Service!

At Twinside Retaining, we are passionate about delivering the highest quality service to our residential and commercial clients across Perth. Owned and operated by two of WA’s most experienced installers, we’ve spent our entire working lives in the retaining wall industry so have in-depth knowledge of what is required onsite to deliver successful project outcomes. We take the time understand our clients’ needs and provide products and services designed to deliver outstanding levels of value, durability, ease of installation and aesthetic appeal.

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Transparent Pricing

With over 50 years’ combined experience in Perth’s retaining wall manufacture and installation industries, Twinside Retaining is committed to providing our clients with exceptional value for money as well as clear and transparent pricing. Because we manufacture large quantities of pre-cast concrete retaining wall products and supply them right throughout WA, we’re able to achieve considerable economies of scale that result in savings we pass on to our clients. We also hold considerable stock levels at our Landsdale factory enabling us to arrange immediate and cost-effective delivery, with most of our products arriving to site in as little as 24 hours from the time of order.


Twinside Retaining is proud to have been manufacturing, supplying and installing high quality retaining wall products throughout Perth and WA for over 40 years. Our business is owned and operated by two of WA’s most experienced installers in father and son team Kim and Leon McMahon. Together Kim and Leon have more than 50 years’ combined experience in the manufacture and installation of retaining walls so bring unparalleled industry knowledge, expertise and attention to detail to every project. Supported by a committed team of production, installation and admin staff, the team at Twinside Retaining maintains an innovative and adaptive approach ensuring we’re able to remain highly responsive to the changing needs of our industry.

At Twinside Retaining, our pre-cast concrete and limestone-look retaining wall products have been meticulously formulated in our Perth factory over many years. We rely on proprietary chemical compositions, as well as the latest manufacturing technologies, to create products designed for optimal strength, durability, aesthetic appeal and ease of installation. We’ve also developed an extensive choice of colours, textures and finishes to ensure our retaining wall and fencing products seamlessly complement a diverse range of residential and commercial environments.

With considerable experience gained working across a wide range of sometimes challenging sites, the experts at Twinside Retaining can efficiently manage all facets of your new retaining wall design, supply and installation. This includes complete site preparation services such as earthworks, backfilling, compaction and laser levelling, as well as Asbestos removal, council permits and site-specific engineering approval. And with a proud reputation for delivering outstanding customer service, we go the extra mile to make the entire process as seamless and stress-free as possible for our clients.

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Twinside Retaining manufactures and delivers a wide range of pre-cast concrete and galvanised steel post retaining wall products which are ideal for residential customers. We deliver right throughout WA and are products are designed to be easily installed by the home DIYer.

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Twinside retaining supplies and installs a wide variety of concrete retaining wall products and Colourbond fencing solutions for business owners and commercial organisations across Perth.

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Twinside Retaining has a proud history for supplying Perth’s builders, landscapers and fencing contractors with high quality retaining wall and fencing products.

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