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Delivering quality products on time & direct to site

Twinside is the trusted partner of retaining wall builders in WA because they know they can rely on us to deliver quality, undamaged products, on time, direct to site. We understand that time means money in the building industry. Delays and inferior quality products can also damage your reputation with customers. That’s why our builder partners trust us to supply the best Australian-designed and manufactured retaining wall products. You can rest assured that your client’s satisfaction, project success and quality long-lasting results are our number one priority.

Why partner with us?


Because we design and manufacture right here in Perth, you can rely on us to deliver what you need, when you need it, without delays.

Premium Quality

Our retaining walls and posts are Australian designed and manufactured to the highest possible standards and are guaranteed to withstand WA’s tough environment.

Easy to Install

Our retaining wall products are fast and simple to assemble, allowing you to get the job done quickly and move on.

Exceptional Service

At Twinside Retaining we pride ourselves on providing outstanding service, which is why residential commercial and civil project clients know they can rely on us when it comes to fast efficient delivery and top quality retaining wall products.

Our Products

Retaining Wall Panels

Our pre-cast concrete and limestone-look retaining wall panels combine strength and durability with outstanding good looks in a variety of colours and textures to suit residential and commercial projects.

Retaining Wall Posts

Twinside’s retaining wall posts are the hard-working backbone of our retaining walls. Choose from galvanised steel or concrete to suit the environment or aesthetic you need for your project.


Can you design and manufacture retaining wall components for bespoke projects?

Our engineers can despoke designed retaining wall panels and posts, engineered to suit the toughest conditions or most challenging sites.

Are your products suitable for commercial use?

Our retaining walls have been used in commercial landscaping across Perth thanks to their attractive and durable design.

How strong are Twinside retaining walls?

Our retaining walls are manufactured to the strictest Australian Standards. The industry hardness rating standard is 40 MPa, which is 50 per cent harder and stronger than most other retaining wall systems in Perth.

Is it easy to install your systems?

Absolutely. Our retaining wall systems are designed to be easy to install. Our posts and panels are lightweight and we will deliver them directly to your job sitel.