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Easy DIY retaining walls

Want to give your garden a facelift? Perhaps you’d like to build raised garden beds, or terrace a sloping block. Whether you need to replace an old, tired retaining wall, or create a whole new look, Twinside retaining wall systems are lightweight and simple to install yourself. We have retaining wall systems in a variety of colours, textures and finishes, to help you create the look you want. Posts can be concrete or galvanised steel, depending on your needs. Our retaining wall products are delivered directly to the spot where you plan to build, and are pre-cut ready for you to install.

Why choose a DIY Retaining Wall project?


As a local company with more than 50 years in the business, we understand Perth’s unique geography and climate and engineer our products to suit.

Premium Quality

Our retaining walls and posts are Australian designed and manufactured to to the highest possible standards and are guaranteed to withstand WA’s tough environment.

Customised Options

Our retaining wall products can be customised to suit your circumstances, ensuring fast and simple installation.

Exceptional Quality

At Twinside Retaining we pride ourselves on providing outstanding service, which is why DIY clients rely on us to provide safe, simple to install quality retaining wall products.

Our Products

Retaining Wall Panels

Our pre-cast concrete and limestone-look retaining wall panels combine strength and durability with outstanding good looks in a variety of colours and textures to suit residential and commercial projects.

Retaining Wall Posts

Twinside’s retaining wall posts are the hard-working backbone of our retaining walls. Choose from galvanised steel or concrete to suit the environment or aesthetic you need for your project.


Where can I use Twinside Retaining Walls?

Our retaining walls can be used in a wide variety f settings and for different purposes:

  • Retaining garden beds
  • Terracing on steep slopes
  • Garden edging
  • Retaining in limited space
  • Steps and ramps
  • Replacing termite-infested sleepers
What colours and designs do Twinside retaining walls come in?

Our retaining wall panels come in a variety of textures and colours. Textures available are limestone, smooth and slate, while you can choose from our neutral charcoal, cream and grey colour palette.

How strong are Twinside retaining walls?

Our retaining walls are manufactured to the strictest Australian Standards. The industry hardness rating standard is 40 MPa, which is 50 per cent harder and stronger than most other retaining wall systems in Perth.

Is it easy to DIY install my retaining wall?

Absolutely. Our retaining wall systems are designed to be easy for the DIYer to install. Our posts and panels are lightweight and we will deliver the directly to where you intend to build your wall. However, if you prefer, our expert installers can do the job for you.

Do you design for regional commercial projects?

We engineer retaining walls of all sizes for commercial and industrial projects across Perth and throughout a wide area of regional Western Australia as well.